Recognition of the work being undertaken by Vortal in the contracting domain was highlighted in the first half of 2010 by Gartner in a report by Deborah R. Wilson: “Cool Vendors in Procurement Applications”*.

The renowned American analyst has referred to Vortal as one of three ‘Cool Vendors’ of reference in the world market in 2010. The companies mentioned in the report stand out for their innovation and impact on the market.

In this report Gartner spotlights Vortal as a company that knows how to meet vertical market challenges, providing solutions with a great degree of investment return, helping its Clients to reduce costs and generate business.

“Vortal has overcome the traditional challenges of the vertical industry e-marketplace by delivering a high return on investment (ROI) and delighting customers, whether or not they are investors.”

* Deborah R. Wilson recommends, in this report, using this type of electronic contracting platforms.