Create dynamic business negotiations to optimize purchasing and selling value.

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Reduce Costs and Time,
without Restrictions.

The eAuction is a dynamic process of online negotiation that optimizes purchasing values.
Set up electronic auctions as a procedure themselves or integrating them into other types of tender and start cutting costs today.

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Whatever you need, it fits

eAuctions are better suited for goods or services which are easily substitutable and are found in highly competitive markets. Decide whether you want to buy or sell and then choose the right type of eAuction for you.

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Take advantage of a highly competitive environment

There are no limits to the number of offers you can receive. Since bidders can revise their offers to be more competitive, you are guaranteed to get the best price.

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Have your bidders ready to compete

Before the first auction, all bidders are trained. During the process, our team is by your side and ready to assist you.

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Swift and Effective Negotiation at Your Demand.

We help you select the best type of auction for you.

Improved prices

Depending on the type of auction, reduce costs or increase selling prices due to increased competition.

Shorter negotiations

The process is fast and effective, customized, and defined by the customer.

More bidders

Allow more suppliers or potential buyers to be included in the process without additional effort.

Total transparency

Put some distance between yourself and your suppliers, avoiding favorable treatment with local businesses or regular traders.

Understand your market

Visibility over the process and bids will allow you to improve your understanding of market behavior.


Each auction generates an automatic report.

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“...is an electronic instrument which besides from generating savings, also brings more dynamism, adequacy, transparency to the procedure and promotes competition significantly.”

Artur Trindade Mimoso
Executive Member of the Board of Directors, SPMS, E.P.E. - Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, Portugal

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