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Buy Better, Sell More.

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Who We Are.

Helping buyers and suppliers connect every day.

Vortal is a worldwide leading company in eSourcing and eProcurement solutions. In our cloud e-Marketplace, thousands of public and private buyers connect every day with an international community of qualified suppliers.

Our platform brings together more than 350 000 users from public and private sectors, which represents more and better opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.

Our Motto.

Buy better, sell more.

For buyers, there are savings to be achieved while increasing the transparency and reducing risks. For suppliers, there are more business opportunities to compete for, supported by innovative tools including market intelligence, lead generation, reputation management and comprehensive analysis reporting.

VORTAL supports customers globally, from small public bodies (like small municipalities), large public bodies (large cities, regional governments in different countries, national central procurement bodies), to the entire public administration of several countries, as well as firms ranging from SMEs to large multinational corporations.

Our History.

Building loyalty.

We never stopped growing since 2000, connecting buyers and suppliers and making business easier. Our company was initially focused on the construction sector, was born with econstroi, an e-commerce platform.
In 2006, VORTAL hosted the first Public Tender 100% electronic in Portugal and since then, it never stopped growing in the Public Sector, either in Europe or Latin America.

The number of clients keeps increasing and we have also expanded geographically. Thanks to our strategy of diversification of sectors, products and geographies based on a culture of innovation, we are now present in France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and we hold the operation of national purchasing platforms of the Governments of Colombia, Dominican Republic and Honduras.


Jorge Cruz Macara

Nuno Maruny Martins

Bruno Vicente Machado
Head of Development

Filipa Morão Antunes
Head of People

Nuno Sousa Silva
Head of Product

Rúben Machado Assis
Head of VORTAL GOV & New Business Buyers

Joana Barreto Pontes
Head of Legal

Mariana Bustorff Abreu
Head of Marketing

Luís Ferreira da Silva
DevOps Manager

Carolina Machado Nunes
Office Manager

Marta Duarte Ferreira
Head of Quality & Markets Compliance


In addition to the satisfaction of customers, we have also been recognized by independent publications and analysts.