Sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices.

After almost 2 years without face-to-face events, we restarted with the Corporate Prime Event in Lisbon, dedicated to Procurement Professionals of the private sector.

Being back represents a great opportunity for companies from different sectors to network once again, exchanging ideas and experiences that and make them better prepared to address the future challenges of Procurement.

The Future of eProcurement is now is the first webinar of a cycle of events to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Speakers Adriano Garibotto (Creactives SpA) and Iain Campbell McKenna (Sourcing Solved), along with our CEO Miguel Sobral.

Recording available >

Female empowerment is not only a trend, but a solid reality. VORTAL sponsored the II National Congress of Women in the Public Sector (II Congreso Nacional de Mujeres en el Sector Público), on the Nov 17th which took place online. Learn More (available in Spanish) >

VORTAL and APCADEC (The Portuguese Association for Purchasing and Materials Management) organized the webinar “Impact of remote work on Purchasing Organizations” to share experiences on the current context of remote work and procurement.

After the welcome note by the President of APCADEC, João Botelho, the session included the results of an interesting recent study on remote work presented by Carlos Elavai (BCG – Boston Consulting Group). Nelson Pinto de Magalhães (VORTAL), Nuno Serra e Oliveira (Caixa Serviços Partilhados), Pedro Henriques (Siemens) and Teresa Relvas (Volkswagen Digital Services) discussed the main changes and challenges. The Recording is Available in Portuguese >

VORTAL sponsored the CPOnet. Jose Luis Arístegui (Country Manager of VORTAL Spain) and Giuseppe Tanzarella (Head of Procurement, QSR Platform) addressed the topic “QSRP’s experience in digitalizing their restaurant’s purchases in the EU” at the online conference (available in Spanish):

The Osservatorio Agenda Digitale was the perfect scene for VORTAL and Politecnico di Milano to share their webinar on “The digitalization of Public Procurement”. Israel Rodriguez Gracia, e-Procurement Manager at the University of Almería, our customer, was one of the invited guests and had the opportunity to share his experiences and testimonials.

In this webinar, José Luís Arístegui, our Country Manager in Spain, shows how to improve results with VORTAL’s services and presents some success stories. See More Here (Presentation in Spanish) >

Within the scope of visionForward, VORTAL promoted a webinar on Business Intelligence in Public Procurement, presenting how to increase business opportunities and competitiveness. Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

“Promoting the local economy” was in discussion within the scope of the visionForward initiative. Among other topics, the webinar included the smarketcity project, a VORTAL’s solution for municipalities that allows to simplify processes and reduce costs, ensuring the centralization of information and processes. The Recording is Available in Portuguese >

Given the pandemics situation of Covid-19, public entities also face impacts and challenges in their purchases. This webinar brought together Carina Cunha Vieira (Coordinator, Public Procurement Office, GEBALIS), Florinda Monteiro (Civil Technical Engineer, Peniche City Hall), Filipe Gonçalves (Coordinator, eVA – european VORTAL Academy), Rúben Assis (Buyers Gov&Health Portugal, VORTAL) and Pedro Machado (SaphetyGov, VORTAL). Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

Within the scope of visionForward, VORTAL promoted a webinar on the main changes and challenges for businesses in the pandemic context. This session broght together Diogo Serras Pereira (Procurement Director, NOS SGPS), Frederico Viana (Head of Global Business Services Purchase 2 Pay, SIEMENS) João Casimiro (Procurement Director, Fidelidade), Patrícia Roxo (Procurement Director, Rovensa; and Board Member, APCADEC), Jorge Macara (Executive Vice President, VORTAL) and Nelson Pinto de Magalhães (Head of Corporate Iberia, VORTAL). Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

Nearly 400 people joined the online conference “Electronic Invoice: adaptation to a new reality”. Electronic invoicing in companies not only ensures compliance but also allows to simplify, reduce bureaucracy and increase the traceability of processes. In addition, it allows a significant reduction in costs and resources.

The presentation was in charge of Nuno Milagres, Filipe Gonçalves and Elsa Gomes, from VORTAL, and had an intervention of Susana Fonseca, Head of Financial Management Division of the Loures City Hall. Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

Rúben Assis, Consultant at VORTAL, participated in the XXXIX National Colloquium of ATAM (Association of Local Government Employees) in the V Plenary Session: Amendments to the Public Procurement Regime – Artificial Intelligence in Municipalities.

“The Future of Major Public Contracts: Options and Challenges” was the topic of the 13th National Congress of Public Procurement.

Nuno Silva, VORTAL’s VP Product, was a guest speaker and addressed the company’s vision for the future of public procurement and the development of the new e-procurement platform: vortalvision.

VORTAL supported the Procurement Conference, hosted by the Supply Chain Magazine. Nelson Pinto de Magalhães, Head of Corporate at VORTAL, took part in the roundtable to discuss “Procurement & Supply Chain”. Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

vortalvision, the new VORTAL platform, was launched yesterday at the VORTAL Vision ’19 international congress to an audience of 1,000 participants from 14 countries.

The success of the event reinforces VORTAL’s leadership as an innovative technological company, market leader in eProcurement, with eyes on the future and solid relationships with its clients.

With the topic Negotiation: Successful Strategies, the second edition of visionForward allowed to exchange ideas in Porto on July 5. The session had as guest speaker Prof. Isabel Paiva de Sousa (Porto Business School) to address the role of emotional intelligence in the negotiation process. Nelson Pinto de Magalhães (VORTAL) highlighted the electronic auction as one of the instruments to create value in negotiations. The debate on negotiation from the perspective of suppliers brought together Rodolfo Bravo Pereira (Marketing and Communication Director, Noesis), Luís Fernandes (Founder, Ducks) and Luís Cunha (Employee, EDNI), with moderation by Nuno Milagres (VORTAL). Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

VORTAL took part in the Open Day SPMS Academy, represented by Nuno Milagres (VP Marketing & Innovation) who presented challenges and potentialities of artificial intelligence. Watch the Recap (Available in Portuguese) >

The 1st edition of visionFORWARD was dedicated to the topic “Risk Management in Supply Cain”. More than 80 people attended the conference, gathering a community of suppliers and buyers, in Lisbon.

The panel joined companies which are VORTAL’s customers, using the Supplier Truster service, namely Fidelidade, Bondalti Chemicals and DOW Portugal. Learn More (Available in Portuguese) >

VORTAL takes part in the Procurement Conference 2018, on 27 and 28 September at Humboldt Carré, Berlin.

Participants are the most important experts and purchasing decision-makers from politics, law, administration, science and business. At this important training event, the current procurement law, possibilities for process optimization in purchasing and logistics as well as in eProcurement will be discussed.

VORTAL was present at the International Conference on Public-Private Partnership and Public Procurement 2017 in Slovenia.

The eBusinessWorld 2017 event, celebrated on the 24th of May in Madrid, was brimming with engaging conversation, vibrant demos and more than 60 keynotes of the most innovative solutions in eProcurement.

International buyers and suppliers, VORTAL’s partners and employees came together for a face to face experience. In the video you can see some of the most important takeaways from the event. Learn more >