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Category Management

Dedicate your time to added-value activities while increasing savings significantly.

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Unveil Every Bit of Your Potential.

With Category Management, we get in charge of your purchases, analyze all types of product categories and find savings opportunities that will minimize your total cost of ownership.

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Find the levers you need to optimize your purchases

We analyze your expenses in order to map the different purchase KPIs. We offer you levers on which to act in order to optimize your purchases and reduce the TCO. Request a free analysis of your expenditure, we are glad to help.

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Define a clear plan

We will provide you with an opportunity plan indicating the impact on economic performance and internal organization. The aim of this phase is to share the strategy and to define and plan activities.

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Trust us to make it happen

We take care of everything, ensuring detailed analyses for each project milestone in order to define the best strategy together. We will use VORTAL technology so that all the information is accessible at any time from any location.

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See your progress, for real

For each category we will offer an analysis of the results in order to identify the real benefits of the operation. On a Tableau du Board, we will monitor all managed opportunities and the project summary.

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A Clear Sight Goes a Long Way.

We focus on analyzing and providing an enlightened view over all types of product categories, direct or indirect.
Our Category Management methodology generates concrete, actionable results.

Identify opportunities

Get expert help to identify savings opportunities and spending patterns with no effort.

Maximize long-term value

Dedicate your resources to more profitable areas.

Make easier your purchasing decisions

A clear evaluation of your patterns and opportunities will ease your day-to-day activities.

Implement well-defined strategies

We will help you on this by suggesting the steps to implement.

Still Missing Information?

We help you figure everything out.

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A Complete Suite of Solutions.

For every step of the way.


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