Streamline and centralize all your purchases.

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Buy from the Right Suppliers, Under the Right Conditions.

eCatalogues allow for the whole ordering process to become decentralized while the negotiation is done at a global level. All orders are made by recurring to the pre-negotiated product and service catalogues, saving purchasing-teams time and effort, and eliminating errors.

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Build a more efficient organization

Decentralize order processes and adapt the whole process to the organization’s internal management system. Each user can search and directly access pre-negotiated products available for immediate order.

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Control and reduce expenses

Reduce unplanned purchases, with conditions and suppliers that are not approved, by placing all orders through the eCatalogues, under pre-negotiated terms. Achieve savings due to corporate agreements.

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Waste no time and reduce your efforts

Both on the buyer as well as the supplier side, reduce the time and effort spent on creating and managing orders, due to simplified approval processes and standardized order reception processes.

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As Simple as Orders Can Get.

With the eCatalogue solution, it is possible to make multiple purchases, from several suppliers, through a single process.

Faster orders

Reduce the time and effort necessary to create orders under complex contracts.

Pre-defined approval processes

Define concrete approval processes and make sure the ordering process runs smoothly.

Less costs

Centralize purchases, engage in large negotiations and increase corporate agreements.

Improved visibility

Get concrete insights and control spending habits throughout the organization.

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“The use of the electronic catalogue tool is fully accepted internally. (...) It can be noted that a single user processes 120 orders per day.”

Israel Rodríguez García
eProcurement Manager, Contracting, Assets and Common Services, University of Almería, Spain

VORTAL eCatalogues Quotes 02
“As to suppliers, their level of satisfaction is very high, as the decrease in administrative burdens for the bidder, when preparing and presenting offers, is very noticeable.”

Israel Rodríguez García
eProcurement Manager, Contracting, Assets and Common Services, University of Almería, Spain

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