Quality Policy

VORTAL’s quality policy is a collective orientation of the company emanated (produced) by its management and leadership, aimed at exceeding our clients’ expectations and the continuous improvement of the quality system, through the reviewing of goals, compliance with requirements (from clients, management systems and legal) and the adaptation to our clients’ needs and expectations. This orientation is reflected in our attitudes, procedures and control focused on activities directly related to the provision of customer services.

Our Values

Our values are the lines that define our actions and our behaviours in day to day. Preserving the past and honouring the future. Which are:


We act based upon our principles: we say with frankness what we think, and we do what we say.
We abstain from any action that might embarrass us.
We decide based on merit.


We base our activity on quality and value generation, clearly perceived by the Client.
We act with agility and resources optimization.
We work to continually maintain client information security on transactional systems.
We work wherever is most convenient to our Clients.
What we do, is done for the ultimate and continuous satisfaction of our Clients.


We work as a team, promoting participation and mutual help, increasing the delivery value.
Committed with success, we act with responsibility and discipline.


We promote the sharing of creative thinking to develop new solutions, encouraging to take risks with common sense and pragmatism.
We assume an innovative attitude before all challenges, consciously evaluating and incorporating risks.


We believe that the driving force to accomplish our ambition is having the best talents.
We efficiently manage our talents, empowering them to assume/accept challenges and seek for knowledge and permanent improvement.
We demonstrate our talent by the simplicity of our solutions.


When in contact with different cultural realities, in line with our reference pattern, we respect and adapt to them.
We face the different thinking naturally, and take it into consideration for the continuous improvement of our organization.


Lisbon, August 2022

Jorge Macara