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Count on leading-edge technology

Our platform vortalvision was developed in 2020 focused on the best usability standards. It is completely integrated with innovative eProcurement solutions, namely supplier qualification, evaluation modules, eCatalogues to enable the management of Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Framework Agreements.

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Make operations more productive

eSourcing and eProcurement create better, more efficient processes with measurable KPIs. The process governance across the organization speeds up procurement, making it more effective, transparent and trackable.

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Increase savings

We develop category negotiation activities, with a particular focus on indirect costs. We perform assisted or fully managed events, including eAuction services. Our consultancy team can also support our customers on-site. Our customers can count as well on Help Desk activities for helping the purchasing organization worldwide or its suppliers.

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Streamline spending

We help collect expenditure data on the entire organization, analyze expenditure, the internal demand, and the supply market. By reclassifying the expenditure and building opportunity assessment matrixes, we identify priorities and differentiated sourcing strategies to build an action plan that is followed with Operations.

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Take advantage of a competitive community of suppliers

Our customers work with an international community of suppliers that are constantly nurtured to ensure they are active, motivated and ready to participate in tenders. We help measure supplier performance, define measurement elements and monitor closely. We use structured supply market qualification, evaluation and ratings to measure performance’s KPIs. We also provide scouting services.

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Find the right support for you

We work with our customers to ensure a fast, efficient, and consistent execution of savings initiatives with Category Management professionals. Those assess opportunities, define and pragmatically follow an actionable plan. We start by identifying the Target Operation Model: centralized, decentralized or hybrid. We follow with cost reduction programs and change management processes to increase the use of procurement platforms within the digital transformation process.

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Every Business is Different.

Each area is different, and so is the solution we propose.
Learn a bit more about some of our fields of expertise.


Companies with a regular need to discover new suppliers. Their decentralized procurement culture makes it difficult to standardize purchases and analyze data.

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We help retailers to be faster, smarter and brighter in managing Capex and Opex expenditures, minimizing risks and costs and governing processes.

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We design progressive approaches that ensure quick and efficient cost reduction, starting with spending diagnostics and moving on to category management.

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“...one of the advantages is that VORTAL has solid procurement processes that allow to lead a project with relatively low support needed from the customer.”

Giuseppe Tanzarella
Group Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager Burger King SEE S.A., Burger Brands Belgium

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“One of the big advantages of VORTAL software is its ability to connect suppliers and buyers in a more agile way.”

Sofia Lopes
Procurement Manager, Fidelidade

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“The competition among suppliers brings important results in terms of savings: 25% compared to the budget and in terms of process: it takes less than 10 days to manage negotiations.”

Alessandro Lazzaroni
CEO of ePizza S.p.A, Domino’s Pizza Italia

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“The collaboration with VORTAL brings process innovation inside our organization (…) Another important goal achieved is the centralization of the information.”

Andrea Valota
Country Manager, Burger King Italy

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“VORTAL has been a great support to our processes facilitating and eliminating manual procedures as well as freeing the team of suppliers support.”

Isabel Mota
Procurement Specialist, Fidelidade

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