The cloud is the key to making eProcurement a reality. Vortal explains the benefits of eProcurement in the cloud as a wholly reliable, neutral area for connecting buyers and suppliers.

The transition of public procurement to comply with the new European directives is a real opportunity for eProcurement. From 2017, those directives will enforce the use of electronic means to realize the public procurement in all European countries, explains Nuno Vaz Monteiro, CSO of Vortal.
Given that public procurement transactions must be made online within less than two years, the IDC group predicts that the Portuguese cloud market alone will grow almost 30% to 71.4 million euros in 2015.

VORTAL expects to increase its revenues by more than 40% this year. eProcurement is an example of a business that benefits from the development of the cloud itself. The availability of eProcurement platforms, based on the cloud, in the software as a service system model “allows us to offer services to any company or public entity anywhere in the world’, without software installation on client devices, explains Nuno Vaz Monteiro.

Without introducing software costs or additional licenses, this model “does not penalize either the budgets or the effort of Information Technology departments, allowing them to work more efficiently and to manage procurement processes’ opines VORTAL’s CSO, a company that is dedicated to developing eProcurement platforms for B2B and B2G since 2000.

eProcurement platforms make the entire procurement process more efficient “connecting many buyers to many suppliers, which makes it all the more important to operate the process in a neutral territory, via a trusted third party,’ says Nuno Monteiro, explaining the VORTAL offering. The time needed to adopt the solution is optimized, as well as to manage future platform updates in the future, for example, in order to introduce new features.

Easy implementation and user support are important aspects that are valued by customers of cloud-based solutions, he explains. For the future, VORTAL’s strategy is to continue growing with the cloud, using and exploring the advantages of this model in order to “provide services to an increasing number of users and countries where we operate. We will also continue to provide a product in the cloud that allows companies to buy better and sell more,” concludes Nuno Vaz Monteiro.