VORTAL’s innovative and collaborative approach to Contract Management led CIO Review, the leading enterprise technology magazine in the US, to shortlist VORTAL among the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Contract Management Solution Providers 2017. This is an annual listing of the best vendors who provide technologies that are pivotal to enterprises.

The CIO Review showcases VORTAL as a leader in this rapidly growing space. If any technology decision maker is thinking of implementing the best in class solutions, VORTAL should be on top of their mind. VORTAL offers a collaborative contract management solution. The solution helps users to effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of a contract, tailored for proficient and collaborative project management by managing related contracts to streamline project performance, contingency, and risk management.

The CIO Review article will provide an in-depth perspective, highlighting our Contract Management Solution and our ability to create adaptable solutions for customers by understanding their unique requirements.

Full article: https://magazine.cioreview.com/magazines/September2017/ECM/#page=42