Eduardo Lúcio Faccion, VP Sales at VORTAL, discussed the topic “Dead law? – Plea for a revival of the dynamic procurement systems and eAuctions”
On May 15th occurred the fourth edition of the IT-Procurement Day, in Berlin. Organized by the German Procurement Network (DVNW), the annual event provided information on various topics about the acquisition and procurement of IT services. The participants received practical recommendations for the everyday life of public procurement at the informative lectures and workshops. Eduardo Lúcio Faccion, VP Sales at VORTAL for the DACH region, gave a lecture on “Dead law? – Plea for a revival of dynamic procurement systems and e-auctions”.

Exciting agenda with informative workshops and lectures

The IT-Procurement Day – conference about the various topics of IT procurement – is now firmly established in Germany. Among the approximately 250 attendees, there was a mix of representatives from public administration bodies: economy, administration of justice as well as politics, associations and science. On May 15th, they had the opportunity to exchange ideas in compliance to the varied agenda.

After the welcome reception by DVNW’s CEO, Marco Junk, the visitors of the IT-Procurement Day were looking forward for the lectures about dynamic procurement systems, cloud services or the IT procurement strategy. These exciting workshops gave additional practical tips for the everyday life of public procurement.

VORTAL was once again an exhibitor at the 4th IT-Procurement Day and presented its e-procurement platform among other subjects.

VP Sales Eduardo Faccion affirmed that “it was really interesting to discuss with the attendees about how the most innovative Public eProcurement technologies can address the needs of the Public Bodies. The discussion was quite interactive and allowed the clarification of many doubts about the adequate legal support. As the electronic submission of proposals was the initial stage of Public eProcurement many years ago, the new solutions like Contracts Management, Dynamic Purchasing Systems or eAuctions are now allowing Public Bodies to achieve an even higher level of efficiency, in line with the German legislation and EU Directives. VORTAL is happy to be leading this movement in Germany”.